Parents undoubtedly play a crucial part in their children's academic success. As a result, most schools now consider parents to be partners in their children's education. Regardless of how busy they are with their professional life; parents want to be active in their children's school activities. They want to be well-informed about their child's academic and extracurricular achievements. An effectively designed 'student information management system’ makes it possible for all parents out there to be consistently engaged with their child’s academic progress.

Student Management system: A technological Innovation in Education 

A student management system, as the term implies, is a type of software that is specifically designed to manage all aspects of a student's progress in school, including managing student data, attendance records, assignments, assessments, grade books, online fee payment, extracurricular activity reports, health records, behavior analysis, and so on. 

As a result, we can also refer to this system as a Student Information Management System. It's a digital school ecosystem that the school uses to collect all their students' data in one place that both school employees and parents can access and view. It's a cloud-based management solution that's gaining traction in today's digital learning world. 

Campus 365 is one such school ERP software built specifically for educational institutions around the world to track students' overall performance and holistic growth. From the perspective of the parents, it has a parent portal application with a user-friendly interface with parent access that allows them to rapidly check all of their child's records and activities by just logging into the app. 

Virtual Benefits Offered by a Parent Portal Interface to Parents 

We live in an EdTech era, in which education and technology are inextricably linked. More and more schools are moving away from traditional learning methods and toward digital learning methods, since ERP software greatly simplifies the humongous tasks of maintaining student data that they undertake for numerous students. It allows teachers to keep track of student information in the most efficient and organized way possible. The information is kept safe and may be viewed and updated by the school at any time, saving the school a lot of paperwork, time, and effort. 

The parent portal of a student information management system is undoubtedly advantageous to schools, but it is also beneficial to parents in a variety of ways. Let's talk about these advantages right now -

1. Regular Evaluation of Child progress 

With a user-friendly interface with parent access, it is quite easy for parents to quickly track the daily performance of their child in school. After school, the teacher updates the dashboard with all of the activities accomplished during the school day, which parents can view by logging into the parent portal application. A parent can verify attendance in each class, the daily log, the daily schedule, extra-curricular activity performance, teacher comments, and other information. In addition, the site keeps track of each assessment's grades. At any time, parents can readily download their child's academic report from the student data records.

2. Simplifying Process of Homework Submission

The instructor can use the student-parent portal to upload online assignments and worksheets that can be completed by a kid with the help of their parents, then submitted to the portal and checked by the teacher later. It is a very innovative feature replacing a traditional method of carrying assignments notebook to school. Parents can anytime check the timetable of their child’s class with the online parent portal.  

Infographic Benefits of a Parent Portal App

3. Promotes Parent-Teacher Collaboration

With the smart features of School ERP Software, there is no need for parents to rely on monthly PTMs for their child’s performance. The parent portal gives parent access to communicate with all subject instructors using the app's virtual chat feature. Parents can ask their questions and discuss academic concerns with their children's teachers at any time, fostering stronger teamwork.

4. Receive Timely Notifications and Updates

Typically, every school has a plethora of events and activities going on at any one time. Celebrations, festivals, annual days, sports days, cultural activities, classroom activities, important notifications about exams, datasheets, schedules, and much more will be sent to parents promptly. With this software, parents won't have to worry about missing any updates. Campus 365 school ERP is a school ecosystem that also has an exclusive WhatsApp messaging service called iNotify which sends instant notifications and alerts to the parents.

5. Instant Payment of Fees

The parent portal app’s ultimate advantage is the hassle-free payment of fees, which has eased parents the troubles that used to emerge with traditional methods. On this app, fees are revised for each semester with several payment alternatives. Parents will know exactly how much they need to pay each term, and payment may be made promptly online, with receipts emailed to them. The parent portal app gives parent access to the online fee payment module of school ERP where they can easily pay the school fees.

6. Health and Behavior Analysis Report

Another useful feature of this software is that it will provide parents with a full analysis report of health checkups that took place at school as well as how their children behaved at school. Campus 365 has amood tracking feature” which tracks the daily mood of the student. It regularly takes input if the child is happy or sad and sends a timely report of the child’s mental health to the parents and teachers. This report provides parents with a unique perspective on their child's behavioral patterns. Now a vaccination tracker feature is recently added to Campus 365 school ERP to automate the tracking of employee vaccination status. Parents can be assured of their child's safety by checking the staff's vaccination status on the parent portal app.

Apart from the listed points, a school ERP system can provide parents with a variety of other features, such as GPS tracking of school buses, an online library, online quizzes, worksheets, RFID attendance, and so on.

 In A Nutshell 

An effective Student Information Management System is the need of the hour for every school and parents as well. It's simple to discover which students require academic assistance by tracking their progress with this parent portal app. Also, implementing such technologies is now considered to improve an institution's image on a technical level. Campus 365 is a complete school ecosystem that also hosts multiple online masterclasses to improve and develop the young talent of students. Thus, an effective school ERP system with an effective parent portal encourages parents to participate in their children's education by keeping them informed about their academic and overall growth.

Nimisha Gupta

Nimisha Gupta

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