Is it necessary for schools to automate? If so, why do you think that is? Let us learn through this blog about the various issues that schools experience and how a school ERP software may assist them. A school is a type of educational institution that is operated by a variety of activities that occur at the same time. Aside from handling a high number of students, the school administration must deal with a slew of other activities daily. Managing a school is a difficult task, to say the least. A school is, after all, much more than its physical building. It has multiple departments with various people carrying out a variety of student-related tasks. Managing a school and bringing together many divisions and sub-departments for educational management is thus a tremendous challenge for schools today.

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Therefore, there is a rising demand for educational institutes to implement an effective automated solution like Campus 365, a school ERP software, to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of academic and non-academic activities to reach the intended goals.

Student Information Management System (School ERP) Solving Top Challenges Faced By Schools:

1. Automated Student Registration & Admission Process

All dull and repetitive procedures, such as manually filling out student registration and admissions paperwork, must be automated for speedy results. These chores not only add to the paperwork but also demand a significant amount of time and effort. Campus 365's online admissions process can effectively automate the process of acquiring, evaluating, and converting leads. An efficient school management system can save time by automating the time-consuming paperwork of collecting, sorting, and documenting admission forms, as well as storing them in a digital format for quick access and evaluation at any time.

2. School Course Management

It is one of the prominent tasks of school management to design a curriculum that can adapt to the changing parameters. With an online course management feature of the student information management system, teachers can easily structure course components of any subject, creates online quizzes and worksheets in no time, share presentations and course material with students easily. With the help of this online tool, instructors can readily share learning material with students in the online learning environment.  

3. Productive Classroom Management

Classroom management is one important function of school teachers have to use different techniques and skills where they have to constantly engage students in the class. They must ensure that the students are well-organized, have a high degree of attention, are focused on their work, and are academically productive. Teachers will need well-curated text-based and video learning content to reach this goal, as well as a positive learning experience.

Campus 365’s classroom management module not only provides rich learning content but also supports teachers by offering smart classes that can help students to comprehend the subjects in a better way. Other than this, an effective student information management system keeps track of students’ attendance, academic progress, and behaviors, providing timely analysis and reports of their performance.

4. Better Parent-Teacher Association

Campus 365 School ERP Software is a unique and user-friendly platform that allows parents and teachers to communicate and collaborate more effectively. School staff and teachers can use this app's SMS service to send bulk messages and notifications, reducing communication gaps. Parents will be notified about future events, circulars, timetables, assignments, lesson plans, and their child's performance via their mobile application. Teachers can use the virtual chat option to keep in touch with parents and converse with them about their children's academic pursuits on a timely basis. Campus 365's student information management system will save school staff a lot of time and effort in this way, allowing for more effective communication.

5. Hassle-Free Finance Management of Schools

One of the most significant issues that schools confront nowadays is keeping track of fee payments. Generating fees, sending out reminders to parents to pay fees, collecting payments and updating records, and resending frequent reminders to those who have not paid, among other things, is an extremely time-consuming and tiresome duty for school employees that must be handled with extreme caution. However, the impeccable fee management feature of Campus 365's student information management system can quickly resolve such concerns and assist schools in their financial management.

Parents too can pay their fees quickly online through the app, and their records will be automatically updated in the School ERP system. The data may be easily accessed for examination by the school's finance department. System-generated reminders can be easily sent through the virtual messaging feature of this software.

6. Effective Student Inventory Management

The school admin has to regularly keep track of an extensive range of inventory that is being issued to students every day like school uniforms, books, stationery, canteen supplies, etc. Keeping a track of incoming, outgoing, and remaining inventory every day does require immense effort and time. The slightest tracking mistake can lead to financial loss to the schools. Campus 365 is the best school management software that provides a full-fledged inventory management tool to manage and track all the bulk stocks of schools related to students and staff. It records all the sales and purchase transactions and can create daily reports for any transactions.

The automated inventory management module of Campus 365, will relieve the burden of schools of manually recording transactions, updating the status, and will address this challenge in the best possible way.

In Essence 

Aside from dealing with the aforementioned issues, campus 365’s student information management system assists schools and educational institutes to record and track all sorts of student data, helps school management to take timely decisions by providing intelligent analysis reports, conducting online examinations, analysis of student’s performance, and much more. Thus, to address these challenges in an efficacious way, every school is recommended to automate their school functions by employing a school ERP software to achieve higher productivity in all aspects.

Nimisha Gupta

Nimisha Gupta

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