Attendance, whether professional or academic, is essential for the participant. Similarly, a student's attendance is an important metric in academic life. It aids in assessing students' performance and consistency. Regular attendance is a sign of students’ discipline in their academic life and it ensures that they are not missing important learnings that are necessary for their development and growth.

All over the world, it’s quite common to see teachers start the day by taking students' attendance, and sometimes attendance is taken in every class throughout the day. By doing so, teachers can keep track of student absenteeism and punctuality in the classroom. In olden times we have seen our teachers taking attendance by calling out students’ names and then marking present or absent against each student's name in the student attendance register. Indeed, this is quite a monotonous and time-consuming manual task that a teacher has to do before starting a class. But taking attendance is mandatory as well and can’t be avoided. There are certain disadvantages of using traditional methods of the attendance management system. They are:

  • It involves a lot of paperwork and consumes space.
  • It is a tedious activity and reduces teachers’ productivity.
  • High chances of human error while taking and marking the attendance in the register.
  • It takes up a significant amount of class time that teachers could be used for teaching and learning.
  • Students can also manipulate attendance using proxies.

During Covid 19 pandemic, the traditional method of classroom learning changed to virtual learning mode. And we must agree that the digital mode of learning has brought its own set of benefits. Similarly, the traditional method of manual attendance taking also needs to be replaced with a digital and automated attendance tracking system. Campus 365, a leading school ERP system, has an Online Attendance Management System in its school ERP that will replace the manual attendance taking system. This software offers a Biometric & RFID student attendance management system that will manage the student's absence or presence based on physical characteristics.

Understanding Biometric & RFID Student Attendance System of School ERP Software

The Online Attendance Management System for students replaces the manual pen and paper attendance marking with online attendance recording. Manually maintaining attendance daily is a required task for all teachers, but the tedious and time-consuming process has an indirect impact on teachers' productivity. However, with the Campus 365 RFID attendance system software, teachers can quickly and accurately record student attendance while also generating reports with a single click.

In this automated software system of school ERP, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be integrated into student ID cards or attached to uniforms; whenever a student passes through a strategically placed checkpoint, their presence is recorded, notifying all stakeholders - parents, teachers, and management.

Every day, the Biometric system uses physical features such as fingerprint and face recognition to track student attendance. The system is secure, robust, and extremely difficult to hack. The real-time updating of information to school management software ensures that parents and teachers are kept up to date on attendance.

Benefits of RFID & Biometric Students Attendance System to Schools

The online attendance management system automates the process of taking student attendance and quickens the time it takes to complete it. Now parents can monitor their child's complete attendance reports. The system simplifies daily attendance and frees up the teacher's classroom time so that the teacher can focus solely on teaching and imparting knowledge to the students. Let’s check out the benefits of using an attendance management system in schools:

1. Reduced Paperwork

The attendance management module of the Campus 365 school ERP system marks the attendance digitally, so there is no need to maintain the attendance registers resulting in reduced paperwork. It is indeed a complete eco-friendly option saving natural resources.

2. Reduced Teachers’ Workload

On average, a teacher has to spend 10 to 15 minutes daily marking students’ attendance in the class. This time can be reduced entirely with the online attendance management system. Using biometric or RFID card punching, the dedicated software will punch the students' attendance. Students will require to simply stand in front of the machine and press the finger impression or RFID tag and their attendance will be marked. This way the teachers are relieved of this monotonous task saving lots of time.


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3. Increased Accuracy

Campus 365’s online attendance system eliminates the shortcomings of the manual attendance management system and produces better results. Because biometric measures cannot be altered or duplicated, Campus 365's Biometric attendance system ensures accuracy in maintaining proper attendance. This can provide accurate records for further calculations. Proxy attendance can be avoided and there will be no room for errors as it does not require human intervention and give more accurate results.

4. Timely Notification to Parents

With the integration of the student attendance management system, schools can easily track the attendance and absence of students in school. Campus 365’s RFID & Biometric attendance management software is designed in such a way that when a student punches their attendance, a notification/SMS is sent to the registered mobile number or on the mobile app of the concerned parent. This can keep parents informed of their ward's attendance updates. This information is updated in real-time. The software can send automated emails and messages via the parent portal app to parents to notify them immediately if their child is late for class.

5. Improved Security of School & Students

With an automated attendance management system like Campus 365 on school premises, the students are safe as the system will detect their continuous movements within the school. It will check if the students are present in all the classes and will immediately notify the stakeholders in case of absence in a class during the school period. Also, the biometric integration assures that only the students and staff with valid credentials are visiting the school resulting in improved security of schools. Also, the attendance is recorded digitally on the cloud server, so the chances of losing or altering the data are minimal. Only the authorized personnel can access this data ensuring the best security for the records.

6. Easy Reporting for Effective Decision Making

All the data in the Campus 365’s online attendance system is recorded in a digital format. Hence the system can generate multiple reports for students’ attendance according to the parameters required by the user. The school management can view the attendance for a specific class, session, or subject using the dynamic dashboard of the school ERP software system. Using this, analysis can be done for making decisions on a particular teacher, subject, or student-related problems. For making correct decisions, accurate reports and data are needed which the attendance management system of Campus 365 school ERP software can easily provide.


Because of the numerous benefits to the school, the automated attendance management system of school ERP software like Campus 365, is becoming increasingly popular in educational institutions. This module is becoming a mandatory part of the digital revolution in the education sector to elevate its standards. Campus 365 school ERP system offers RFID & Biometric attendance management modules to schools which are 100% accurate in recording information and help in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance reports of each student apart from real-time recording and notification so that any anomalies in the attendance can be traced and rectified.

Nimisha Gupta

Nimisha Gupta

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