Education is the process of gradual learning and acquiring knowledge about ourselves and our surroundings which make our life a lot easier. It is a thing that makes human life superior as compared to other creatures on the planet. Humans have eased every step of living and getting things of choice. And, education that made it possible. There is no doubt that the education system has changed from ancient times to modern.

In the traditional education system, there is a lot of practical learning which has changed and all the knowledge is funnelled into the books of some hundreds or thousands of pages. Practical learning is one of the things which is lacking nowadays.

Everything in the universe is changing, “Change is the only thing which is constant”.

By the effect of gradual changes the traditional education system has changed this much that now, we have to do the comparison of both of the systems. Here we have some of the clear points of difference between both, the traditional education system and the modern education system.

Traditional Education System

  • The traditional education system includes a lot of practical learning through which a student could learn, implement and invent new things based on the learning and observations of the experiment. For instance, if a student of ancient times were taught countings, he was taught with the physical quantity with them which could be counted while Smart Education system is digitalised. Thus, a child only read numbers.
  • It develops moral values in every single child without even having a particular subject of it. In ancient times every child irrespective of age and background respects the elders. But in today’s time we are having a particular subject of moral studies and even having that particular subject, does not show the full impact on studies and on the behaviour of students of the institution.
  • In the traditional education system, there were only education and education in schools. But, nowadays there is competition, pressure and burden in the schools as well, in fact, more than education. Students are going towards the virtual meaning of Education. Education is just not gathering information about that particular topic and subject, along with the information it also includes the common sense, moral values, patriotism and the constructive thinking of the student which is lacking nowadays.
  • The traditional education system is time-consuming and involves a lot of paperwork to admit a student in an educational institution because of this many students face problems while taking admission and also there is a pressure of the last date of registering form at manual office window but at the other side, a smart education system which provides paperless admission instantly.

Smart Education System

  • The smart education system provides simple and advanced learning to students. It sharpens the higher-order thinking skills and saves a lot of time for the students, which could be widely used by them.
  • The smart education system offers a variety of subjects to students. Students have their own interests or preferences to choose an additional subject accordingly. Adding a favourite subject of a student along with the other compulsory subjects makes education and studying a lot easier and more interesting for the student. One can learn and enhance the skill of that particular field along with the studies. The Smart Education System helps many students to go in a direction in which they want and showcase their immense talent to the world.
  • The smart education system has made admission easy for students. School management software takes your institution from offline to online and offers students to get admission online within seconds. It also provides the facility of paperless admission for the students.
  • The smart education system knows the role of the teachers in shaping the next generation. That’s why school administrative software does all the school administrative tasks itself which is quite time-consuming and even sometimes frustrating for the staff of the institution.
  • With the help of school ERP software, the smart education system easily manages the result of every single student of the institution and provides instantaneous reports which are helpful for the school management and also for the students to track the past performances in the particular subject.
  • The smart education system made studying easy and compatible with students. If you don’t have books and want to read them, you can access your books through the online platform of the institution. While travelling, now you don’t need to carry your books for reading, you just need an internet connection on your phone. This is the beauty of the smart education system that you can access your books anywhere anytime on your device / mobile phone.
  • A smart education system helps students to get wide information about the topic and understand the topic in depth. Increasing the perspective of a student gives advanced knowledge through which a student can easily understand the concept of the topic.

Sum it up

There are always two sides to a coin, the traditional education system has its own benefit over the smart classroom technology. But, from ancient times to now, we all grew up having better resources of life, a variety of options and still inventing and making life easier.

The smart education ecosystem is better than the traditional education system in almost all aspects. It provides a variety of subjects, facility of access anywhere anytime, instantaneous learning report and such more facilities which ease the process of learning for the student.

The Smart education system has made education easier for the student.

Campus 365 School ERP and interactive learning solutions add 5 stars more to the smart education system by helping School management and students differently. It also frees students from any kind of pleasure and burden while the traditional education system promotes rote learning among the students.

Saumyaa Agarwal

Saumyaa Agarwal

Saumyaa heads the Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing team at Campus 365. She has extensive experience working in various roles across many industries and organizations including large MNCs, the public sector, leading startups, and as an entrepreneur. She is an avid writer and sought-after public speaker on many topics of interest and a passionate trainer for all things marketing and business.